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Savage Progress - My Soul Unwraps Tonight

Suddenly there come a time lately, I'm my own little one
With my spear and my shield, democratically won
Suddenly in summertime baby, when your fire starts to burn
I can turn, I can turn, your disaster to fun
Hey, Hey, My Soul Unwraps Tonight

Grauzone - Film 2

Tauchen Prokopetz - Codo

Martha And The Muffins - Three Hundred Years/Chemistry

Joachim Kuhn - New Feelings

Taken from the compilation Piano One, a collection
of solo piano works done by electronic artists.

Carol - Breakdown (Snowy Red 84 Version)

Shitcluster - Doop 1

Chi-Ali - Maniac Psycho

The 14 year old lord on a skateboard.

اذاعة تريب حشيش والدواء للأمة

My head is spinning night and day.


Grovkornig techno producerad av Cheesedog. Avlelsedatum: Vintern -08